Take the lead in the fight for greater safety!

Organizations struggle to detect and address information security and privacy breaches. Executives say the number of threats overwhelms processes, employees, and infrastructure. The answer can only be:

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Cyber Security-Check

The cyber security in today's digitized world is the basis for secure services has been accepted by everyone. The sum of the measures seems to be feasible only with great effort! But how are medium-sized and small institutions and companies supposed to tackle this?

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Security Exchange Platform

As a CISO digital platform provider from Germany, we work strictly according to BSI, ISACA, or of course the GDPR. With our platform, we offer you a one-stop shop, especially in the event of a crisis or emergency, when other in-house mechanisms no longer work!

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Expert – Panels

CISO experts and colleagues within the portal. In the group chat, everyone can contribute their contribution. Furthermore, in case of emergency, you have a centralized tool at hand that connects chat with e-mail communication, offers video, audio, file storage in a central location. . So you are never alone in managing your tasks.

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Mobile App

With the CISO mobile app, the information comes to your smartphone and is available everywhere. So everyone is always up-to-date. In addition to the news and blog entries, a chat can be started via the app in the group and 1 to 1 with all linked contacts.

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Centralized communication

Keep your employees up to date with blogs news. Show you which topics are important to you and present yourself as a competent and well-organized CISO contact person.

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Data & Information BOT

Provide a CISO Wiki and FAQs that contain all relevant documents, links, and contacts. A prepared security keyword search completes the search.
Often, the wealth of information is not effective. Not with our bots, which will provide you with answers to your search queries via an integrated thingsTHINKING AI. Welcome to the digital age, we make it easier to get the right information just on time.

CISO-Digital: The CISO information platform with integrated added value.

Safe, integrated work environment away from individual standard building blocks. A central security source for you

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