Holistic IT- security solutions

Our security solutions form a holistic, comprehensive protection that surrounds the costumer’s IT like layers of an onion. As a result of the balanced combination of all products and layers, we achieve and outstanding security level for our customers. We call this Securepoint Unified Security.

The optimal combination of the single components like NextGen UTM-Firewall, Mobile Security, Antivirus Pro and e-mail-archiving is unique on the global market. Therefore, Securepoint enables small and medium-sized companies (KMU) to reach a protection on enterprise-level which is unique in the industry.

IT- security on the highest level for the best possible protection of your IT and data. Thereto we count on a combination of dependable concepts, safe products and innovative further education. With the multilayered strategy of Unified Security, complex and dangerous threats from today and tomorrow can be identified and parried successfully.

This offers Securepoint

  • Network Security

  • Endpoint Security

  • Mobile Security & Management

  • Mail Security

  • Operation Center

  • VPN - products

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